Tips for dancing tango well

Trying to dance tango well is not easy. You need a good teacher to do it. However, you can learn the basics on your own. If you are ready, you will soon be dancing through these tips.

Listening to music

What is important in tango is the feelings, not the actions. If you really want to learn to dance the music of tango, it must come through you. So start listening.
Indeed, listen in the car while washing the dishes, learn to feel how the music "flows" through the body. And as you dance, you'll discover something unexpected.

Start with hugs and maintain perfect posture

In tango, hugs are the first foreplay you absolutely must do. Cuddling is easy, but it should be sensual, light and strong at the same time. Next, he grabs the partner with his right hand, placing his hand on her back slightly below her shoulder blades.
Your partner puts his right hand on your left hand. Then he wraps his left hand around him, also placing it in the middle of his back. However, to dance the tango correctly, you must maintain perfect posture. Your head should be up, your back straight, your lower back and stomach extended, your chest up.
Your whole body should exude confidence. Not only will you look a bit ridiculous if you don't keep the right posture, but you may also hit or hurt your partner. So you can usually end up without a partner.

Dancing with a partner

Of course, tango isn't just slow-slow-fast-fast-slow, and that's its beauty. Once you learn that rhythm and can dance it counter-clockwise in a circle.
Whether you lead or are led, feel your partner's presence, turn with them. However, some styles will be easier for you than others. The same styles work better than different styles. If you discover someone who dances more than you, don't miss the chance and learn from them.