Tips to improve your guitar playing

You just got your first guitar and want to play a little. A melody might still work. But how do you actually get those fuller sounds by using multiple fingers? We've listed 3 tips to take your guitar playing to the next level.

Try multiple choices

When you play guitar, your pick is the first step between you and your sound. Most guitarists are used to one type of pick and want nothing else. However, it's worth considering trying another type of pick.
They are cheap, and if you don't like them, you can easily use your trusted choices again. Remember that each type of pick is suited to a different style of music. Some picks are great for chords, while others create fantastic plucking harmonics.

Playing without a pick

Some guitarists play with picks their whole lives. If you're one of them, we recommend leaving your choice at home for once. Playing guitar with your fingers gives a completely different sound.
It improves your coordination and your guitar sound. Just listen to famous guitarists who play without picks to understand.

Play a melody on one string and be confident

Playing on one string is a good way to understand the relationship between different notes. In effect, you are turning music into a visual and linear experience.
If you have never worked with intervals, the distance between two notes, this will certainly help you understand it. After a while you will know by ear how many frets are between two notes.
Also, if you are playing in front of a group of people, be confident. Don't show that you are afraid or that you are making a mistake. Many people don't even notice a wrong note if you keep playing.
However, it is even more noticeable when you stop playing or redo a section. This self-confidence also allows you to relax immediately, so you make fewer mistakes.

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