These days, there are many ways to announce your pregnancy. Announcing your pregnancy through music is a great idea. So here are 3 songs to help you announce your pregnancy.

 Renaud to reveal your pregnancy

Renaud is an artist who always has words for every occasion. His song is really a better choice to announce the arrival of Baby to the family. He is really eloquent in his lyrics. His sounds are reminiscent of the pregnant woman's presence and her crazy desires.

La preuve par trois, Zazie

The song Zazie is a very good melody to be able to announce her pregnancy to the next dad or the future mum. A sensual yet mathematical statement, which is sure to make her husband laugh.
''If you start from everything, to solve the level of the problem, of the said equation with 2 unknowns, it is enough to know that they are in love with each other. You also specify that the knot is at the crossroads of two bodies in a lying position. You will get the solution.
It is the totality of you and me that gives the result. It's the 2 of us proving by 3, that we teach and that we will love each other." Zazie may also have used this title to announce the birth of her daughter.

Je lui dirai, Céline Dion

She is known to all parents. She has a look of unconditional love for her children. ''Je lui dirai evokes all the things you want to leave to your children''. A beautiful song to signal the arrival of a baby in a family! "I'll tell him that he was born of love, that we were waiting for him passionately.
That all the nights are melting into the day that is beginning, that he is big, but that he has all the time in the world. (...), I'll tell him to be wise and careful, to be around ice and fire, that he has a taste for everything without ever depending, that too much is worse than too little.
Céline Dion dedicated this song to her very first child, René-Charles, born in 2001. She is also the mother of two twins, Nelson and Eddy, born in 2010.