Top 3 benefits of music in the life of a patient

Music plays an important role in people's lives. It enchants, moves, connects and evokes memories and emotions. In this article, we list the 3 benefits of music in the life of a patient.

Aiding in the fight against pain

When listening to music, the substance endorphin, a happiness hormone is produced. This substance helps to fight the feeling of pain, anxiety and stress. More and more hospitals are using music to help reduce fear and pain during and after operations.
In addition, patients who listen to music during surgery have less anxiety. Their lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in their bodies are reduced.

Music affects moods

Some songs have a calming effect on you. They remove negative feelings such as fear, stress and worry. Music also has a huge impact on your physical health. The two hemispheres of the brain work better together, blood circulation improves and heart rate decreases with soft music.
Loud music stimulates you and thus increases the heart rate. It is not the only thing that affects our mood.

Music boosts our productivity

Music boosts your productivity. Many people find that music makes work more fun and makes them more productive and creative. For sports performance, it has even been proven that good music reduces the feeling of effort and fatigue. This is not only a statement, but also a fact.
Firstly, sounds naturally enter your brain through your ears and eventually reach the brain stem. Secondly, hormones or substances are produced in this brain stem and in the area around it. This tissue gives you a feeling of excitement, the feeling that you are back on your toes.
In a final step, these substances end up in the cerebral cortex. Thanks to these substances, it is stimulated again so that you can concentrate better.